Professional Advance Drone License (RPA)

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Our Approved Training Organisation (ATO-287) offers the advance course to get the Professional Advance RPAS License. This License will allow you to operate RPAS in a professional manner.


Course content.


TheAdvance RPAS Course consist in two Phases:

  • 60 hours of theorical phase.
  • Practical phase.


Theorical Phase


General aeronautical aspects divided into 11 subjects/units:


Unit 1. Regulations and Air law.

Unit 2. General Aircraft Knowledge.

Unit 3. Performance.

Unit 4. Meteorology.

Unit 5. Navigation.

Unit 6. Operational Procedures.

Unit 8. Aeronautical Phraseology.

Unit 7. Communications.

Unit 9. Human Factors for RPAS.

Unit 10. ATC knowledge

Unit 11. Advance Communications.


Practical Phase


Divided in 3 parts: Theorical-practical knowledge, simulated flight and real flights.


  • 5 hours theorical-practical formation of the DJI Pahntom 3,
  • 4 hours of simulated flight,
  • Real flight were we will practice the maneuvers for the assessment test.

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